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Congressional Twilight Zone: Repealing ObamaCare Increases The Deficit!

Congressional ObamaCare supporters entered the minority January 5 the same way they ran the House of Representatives the last four years: In the political version of the Twilight Zone. In an astonishing claim, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said repealing ObamaCare would “increase” the chronic budget deficit (see David Limbaugh at Townhall.com).

More absurd than that was her defense of the “pay as you go” rule which the new Republican majority expedited to the capitol dumpster (see Emily Miller at Human Events). Billed as a way to keep spending in check by mandating any new program be paid for, it was a subterfuge for increased spending — just raise the money to pay for it. Then she seriously (or at least acted serious) lambasted the Republican “cut as you go” reform that mandates any new spending must be paid for with a commensurate cut in another program. Pelosi and her colleagues remarkably said this would increase the deficit. (Her way worked so well, it added $5.1 trillion to the national debt in four years.) Which brings us to ObamaCare.

Ms. Pelosi and other loudmouth libs such as Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-Fla.) (see Andrew Marcus at BigGovernment.com) and Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) (see Washington Times) said that a successful GOP repeal of ObamaCare would increase the deficit (see Conn Carroll at The Heritage Foundation’s The Foundry blog). Only in Nancy’s Washington World of Political Paranormal does spending more than a trillion dollars bring down the deficit.

Elected officials are supposed to be public servants, thus the vocation of public service. But in Nancy’s bizarre perception of how things work, Washington is the master and we serve it, which is why she now finds herself in the minority — and in her own little world. It’s one screenplay Rod Sterling didn’t think of. But the next time Nancy speaks, someone should cue the music.


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ObamaCare Lies, Vol. 6: Special Edition: Will The New Republican Majority Keep Its Promise To Vote To Repeal And Defund ObamaCare?

Claim: The new House Republican majority is going to repeal ObamaCare!

Fact: It’s right there, on page 27 of The Pledge To America: “Because the new health care law kills jobs, raises taxes, and increases the cost of health care, we will immediately take action to repeal this law.”

Claim: Then, what’s the problem? They say they’re going to do it.

Fact: We all know politicians. While we don’t doubt the sincerity of many, especially many of the newly elected members, it’s never safe to vote and walk away. Concerned Americans need to stay on their elected representatives to keep their promises. (See Joseph Farah at WorldNetDaily.com.)

Claim: The Republican leaders are sincere about repealing ObamaCare. I’ve heard them call for it and it’s in the Pledge To America.

Fact: They call for a lot of things. House Majority Leader-elect Eric Cantor (R-Va.) famously told Laura Ingraham before the election he would do anything to “delay, deny and repeal” Obamacare if the GOP won the House majority (see YouTube video). But recently, he told an audience that House Republicans would move to repeal the law, but also replace it with a bill that maintains some aspects of Obamacare! (See John Fund at The Wall Street Journal.)

Claim: All the GOP is saying is allow kids up to 26 to stay on their parents’ insurance.

Fact: A 26-year-old is a “kid”? Keeping 20-somethings dependent stifles their creativeness and energy. Some of the most important recent innovations have come from “kids” in their 20s, especially in technology. Keep them attached to the parents’ umbilical chord and we’ll never see the growth and job creation that comes from energetic people who see new solutions, markets, products and services that keep America prosperous.

Claim: Okay, but keeping the provisions that guarantee coverage for people with preexisting conditions is good – and it doesn’t cost a thing.

Fact: Be careful for what you wish – and you will pay for it in a big way! To cover people with preexisting conditions, people must either be forced to buy insurance (the provision under constitutional challenge by more than 20 states) so as to create a larger premium pool to cover the increased costs, or stick it in Medicare and raise taxes to pay for it. Do Republicans want to be caught in that Hobson’s choice? (See HotAir.com.)

Claim: Do you want the Republicans to lose their majority again? They have to work with the Democrats and these provisions are popular.

Fact: As John Fund at the Wall Street Journal’s Opinion Journal wrote, as many as 60 percent of Americans, when polled, may say they like these ideas, but the majority that voted in the new Republican House do not! Republicans need to listen to the people who elected them and stand for real change. Besides, as more people learn about the pitfalls of these two aspects of ObamaCare, they will, just as they did with the bill as a whole, turn against them.

Claim: The new House leadership said they would take up repeal of ObamaCare as its first priority.

Fact: Here we go again. Remember: They are politicians, especially the ones who have been there a while. Rep. Fred Upton (R-Mich.), who is in line to become chairman of the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee, is another Republican leaving backtrack footprints in the sand. He would only say a repeal bill should come “early” and would not commit to specifics in the bill. (See TheHill.com.) But on election night, future majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) promised a repeal vote “right away” (see U.S. News).

Claim: The House Republicans are committed to a real, market-based reform.

Fact: When asked to provide language of legislation the Republicans would introduce to replace Obamacare, Rep. Cantor’s spokesman cited this plank from the congressman’s platform to Philip Klein at The American Spectator’s AmSpec blog. While it has some free-market reforms, it does nothing to reform Medicaid and Medicare, nor removes the double standard in the tax code that punishes people who buy insurance on their own rather than through an employer. It also sets up government-funded high-risk pools for people with preexisting conditions. Not much better than Obamacare! (See AmSpec blog).

Claim: You’re overstating everything. The House GOP leadership will not cave on repealing ObamaCare.

Fact: There’s enough of a worry that Rep. Michelle Bachman (R-Minn.) told CNSNews.com December 2 that there should be an “insurrection” among House Republicans if its leaders cave! (See video and transcript of interview.) Rep. Bachman is chairman of the House Tea Party Caucus. Politico has more, here.

Claim: Repealing ObamaCare is politically dangerous. People like their entitlements.

Fact: Even with all the spin and propaganda from Andy Griffith, the AARP, unions, the White House, Congressional liberals, liberal activists and the media – don’t mean to be redundant – and the public still overwhelmingly opposes ObamaCare! TheRasmussen Reports poll released on November 29 reveals that 58 percent of Americans favor repeal, while only 37 percent oppose repeal. More importantly, 47 percent of Americans expect it to be repealed! Click here to see the results and analysis of the poll. Oh, by the way, Sheriff Taylor himself has taken a big hit in popularity for doing the ObamaCare ads. See Fox News Insider. But then, the elections were the ultimate ObamaCare popularity meter, weren’t they?

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