ObamaCare Lies

From Your ObamaCare Watchdog


Welcome to the new version of ObamaCare Lies, where lies and falsehoods from the Obama-Reid-Pelosi Regime are summarily dismissed with fact and reason. Today, we launch a conventional blog format where we will disabuse any notion of truth to the hundreds of claims and elements about the law’s so-called benefits. We will do it with well-researched depth and, better yet, a good dose of snark and humor, pointing out the remarkable inconsistencies, blatant deceptions and outright lies by Washington’s big-government-elitist establishment – a gang ever so willing to sacrifice our liberty and freedom on the high altar of government-knows-best. No tactic is too low for them to impose their Utopian vision on the rest of us, so we’ll be here to expose all of them until the monstrosity is completely dismantled.

We invite your comments and insights, and an exchange of information from which readers and writers alike will benefit. We expect it to be another outstanding resource to what already is the leading all-things-ObamaCare web site, ObamaCare411. So, please bookmark us, spread the word via your social media sites and visit often. Meanwhile, the “Claim and Fact” and  “Top 15 Lies of 2010” versions of ObamaCare Lies are archived on this site.

POTUS Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Harry Reid (D-NV) (clockwise starting left)


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