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Another Great ObamaCare Repeal Speech: Virginia Freshman Morgan Griffith

Speaking of speeches, here’s one everyone should see. It’s from GOP freshman Representative Morgan Griffith of Virginia’s “Fightin’ 9th” district. The former Majority Leader of the Virginia House of Delegates, he was a leader in the Old Dominion standing up to ObamaCare and forcing a legal showdown which Virginia is winning against the federal government (see 21StateLawsuit.com). During the speech, he even holds up the law, The Virginia Healthcare Freedom Act (read its text here), which made possible Virginia’s lawsuit against the federal government. By the way, Griffith defeated a 28-year incumbent, Democrat Rick Boucher, in November.

Virginia threw off the chains of George III and it will throw off the chains of ObamaCare! Huzzah!


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Representative Steve King’s ObamaCare Repeal Floor Speech

Last week I wrote about Congressman Steve King’s (R-Iowa) floor speech during the ObamaCare repeal debate and provided a link to the video because there was a YouTube problem preventing me from embedding it. But the problem has been resolved and I wanted as many people to see it as possible. Unfortunately, the video quality isn’t great, but it comes directly from his YouTube channel.

U.S. Representative Steve King exposes a host of ObamaCare myths in little more than a minute.

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