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Best Speech On ObamaCare Repeal? How About Steve King’s?

U.S. Representative Steve King (R-Iowa) was recognized for one minute during yesterday’s debate on repealing ObamaCare. One of the leaders of the repeal movement from the first moments of the monstrosity’s approval last spring, he dispelled many misplaced notions about the government takeover. In fact, a pro-ObamaCare lawmaker spoke just before him, spewing more misinformation about the law’s so-called benefits, and Rep. King immediately addressed that, too.

I spent 28 and a half years in business. I met payroll for over 1400 consecutive weeks. I never saw a regulation that made my job easier or allowed me to make more money.

This is 24-hundred pages of legislation; it’s thousands more pages of regulation. It’s oppressive to small business. It should be called the entrepreneurial extinction act, not this health care plan.

This is ObamaCare and must be pulled out completely by the roots. The American people know this. That’s why there are 87 freshman Republicans . . . and only nine freshman Democrats. … The American people have spoken resoundingly. It our obligation to go down this path. It is not symbolic. It’s very important because without this vote on this floor we cannot . . . eliminate ObamaCare. …

There. In one minute about a dozen ObamaCare lies refuted. Click here to see Rep. King on video. By the way, he’s trying to dispel another bit of conventional wisdom — that there are not enough votes in the Senate to repeal. He gives Josiah Ryan at The Hill’s Floor Action Blog the scoop.


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  1. […] week I wrote about Congressman Steve King’s (R-Iowa) floor speech during the ObamaCare repeal debate and provided a link to the video because there was a YouTube problem preventing me from embedding […]

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